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Origami Mini-Booklets From a Single Sheet of Paper

I recently recorded this DIY Bookbinding video tutorial showing how to create a simple origami mini-booklet from a single sheet of paper. This is a fun craft project to do with kids and makes a great book-themed school activity.

Primary skills required are paper folding and simple cutting. Applying glue is optional, but something I personally prefer.

And now… the video tutorial:

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  1. Excellent demo and very creative. One little issue, next time, make sure when your start your camera, it covers the area of your whole paper.

    • Samuel,

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad you liked it.

      It is a little challenging making these things without somebody behind the camera. I reset several times to try and get everything in the shot, but looks like I was a little off. When I finally get my office setup at home, I’ll have a special table just for making these kinds of videos, so it should be a little easier to frame everything up. 🙂


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