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  1. Sam Hones
    March 1, 2020 @ 7:00 pm

    Hi, In our church we had a photocopier that was capable of printing 2 sided A4. We used to produce a regular booklet up to 20pp A5.
    Tools: if you can’t fold inline, get yourself some plastic angle material: long strip with a 2inch upright and a 2inch horizontal (if you look at it from the side it looks a bit like a capital L) you print the sheet, push both foredges of the sheet up against the upright and fold the back with your fingers from the centre to the outside
    For stapling make up a jig: thick baseboard with a suspended thinner board (spacers on the outside) cut 2 slots from front to back and one sideways. Make/buy 3 clamps that you can fix to the top, thinner board. you need at least 3: 2 from front to back, 1 sideways. That is to lay your paper against it accurately and repeatedly in the same position. sink 2 long nosed staplers in the top and even bottom board, so that the stapler base top (on which the paper lies is level with the thinner top board. then fashion an up and over bar arrangement that enables you to push both long nosed staplers squarely on the paper.
    Method: fold your sheets and insert them into each other so as to end up like a booklet. Then after having made adjustments for position with the clamps, open up the folded sheets so they are flat and bring the staples down, then just fold again. Here is your booklet.

    For hole punching e.g. calendar or tickets with holes. Get a big size office hole punch capable of punching several sheets at the same time. remove one pin. make a base board as above with slots for position and embed the punch in such a way that the surface where you lay your sheet is level with the top board. Operation: set the guides, then take several sheets line them up against the stops and pull the punch down. For 2 holes set one side up from the side, then punch the sheets once, turn the stack over from left to right and punch again. To centre punch you’d achieve that by setting the guides so that if you punch, then turn over and punch again the hole is in the same place. For production you would only punch once.
    Hope that helps someone