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For most of it’s existence, DIY Bookbinding has been a labor of love. The whole enterprise grew out of a single blog post at The time, energy, and money invested has far outweighed any income generated. We are trying to change that. As the income from DIY Bookbinding grows, we can invest in better video equipment to improve the quality of our YouTube tutorials, we can hire camera operators and editors to speed up production and get better coverage of the important details, we can hire developers to make improvements to the website, and we can invest more of our time into creating awesome new content to share with you.

Running the website involves monthly hosting fees, domain registrations, email marketing services, and a whole lot of other odds and ends. Creating videos requires cameras, lights, editing software (we use Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and After Effects) , microphones, tripods, and more. The investment adds up to thousands of dollars every year before we even consider the value of our time and experience.

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