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Reclaimed Book Boards for DIY Hardcover Books [VIDEO]

Book Board (aka Binder’s Board) can get expensive. Archival quality supplies can cost as much as $5 US per board. But, you probably have access to a large supply that will cost you nothing more than a little time – used books!

In my town there are several places that sell second hand merchandise. They always have a bin outside with free books, and there is often a hardcover book or two in there. There are also thrift stores and yard sales loaded with books as well. These books are often one step away from the recycling bin and with a little effort you can give them a new life in your hand crafted books.

If the thought of hurting a book pains you, remember, there are lots of books that aren’t valuable works of literature (or art.) There are loads of outdated reference books, business books, and others that are made from quality materials but have outlived their usefulness. Reclaiming materials from them gives them new purpose and adds character to your book projects.

In this video I show you how I salvage cover boards, head bands, and tail bands from a commercial hardcover book. The process will also give you a good look at how the hardcover books you find at your local bookstore are constructed.

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