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Review: Zero Dollars, a Little Talent, and Thirty Days

While reading an article on Yahoo! about search engine marketing, I was introduced to the work of Jennifer Laycock, managing editor of the online Search Engine Guide newsletter. The site turned out to be a useful resources, but the real treat was the free e-book she was giving away. It’s not your typical web market e-book.

Jennifer’s new book, Zero Dollars, a Little Talent, and Thirty Days, is a compilation of thirty daily articles she wrote chronicling her efforts to start a new online business with no cash, and turn a profit. She made money – not the overnight millions folks usually brag about – but a real profit. I also get the feeling she’ll continue to make money from the site and be able to work less to keep it going.

Zero Dollars, a Little Talent, and Thirty Days outlines what she did, day-by-day and step-by-step, while also helping you understand why she made the choices she made. Jennifer includes a running tally of her income and expenses throughout. You get to see both her successes and her mistakes and how they affected the bottom line. In the end she gave it all away – her profits to charity and her hard earned knowledge to us.

Read the book! You can’t beat the price ($0.00) and you will be entertained, inspired, and educated by Jennifer’s story.

Thanks for the great book, Jennifer!

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  1. Hey thanks! For the kind words and the link to the ebook. 😉

    It was great fun to write, and really gave me a new perspective on just how hard it is for small businesses today. It’s really easy for industry folks and consultants to say ‘do this’ or ‘do that’ without considering the cost implications for the true small business. The goal here was to show that even if it won’t make you rich, there are plenty of low-cost ways to help build your business.

    The site does still do quite well. It’s raised more than $1000 for milk banking and with no more work than a blog post a few days a week has turned into a nice source of passive income that will be building my children’s college funds. 😉

  2. Jennifer,

    Your ebook was a really great discovery. Most of the ‘marketing advice’ I come across is little more than some hustler pushing a variation on the old envelope stuffing scam – put your name at the top of the sales letter and try to con someone else.

    It’s exciting to find someone who is willing to share real experience without the hype. (Less hype, more exciting – go figure!)

    I’m glad to hear you’re still seeing results from your hard work. My wife and I are expecting our first child and I need to find something similar to start building the college fund too!

    Keep up the excellent work!

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