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How To Bind a Book Video Tutorial – Thermal Binder

I just found this really nice bookbinding demo video from a self-publishing author. His method of printing 2 books together, using a cheap thermal binding machine to do the final gluing, and then cutting the book in half at the end is pretty clever.

If you have to use a copy shop’s stack cutter to trim your book, this is a very economical solution. You can get several books out of each cut – which comes in handy when they charge by the cut.

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  1. I am currious about two things. When you mentioned Hot Melt Glue, is it the standard hot glue for a glue gun? Also, how many pages in a book have you successfully put together? How long did it seem to last? I have a 600 page book.
    Thank you for all you do!

  2. I’m definitely sold on thermal binding machines, many’s the time they’ve rescued old paperbacks of mine.

    But my favourite was when my sister printed out a load of my favourite fanfictions for me and bound them together. I still have to lug a laptop around but it saves my eyes when I’m reading fanfiction. 🙂

  3. Great tutorial…cheers

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